Piazza Pet of the Week

Piazza Hyundai is excited to announce the continuation of Piazza Pet of the Week adoption program for 2014. With over 45 pet adoptions in 2013, we had to team up with WPHT and the PA SPCA again. Thank you for everyone’s support throughout the year and we hope to for your continued support it 2014.

Check back here weekly for the new Piazza Pet of the Week. For more information about pet adoption, click on the Piazza Pet of the Week logo below.

The Piazza Pets of the Week are Tommy and Phil….the very first guinea pigs to be featured on the Chris Stigall show.  We hope to place them in a home together since they have been friends their whole lives. They are social with each other and people and love fruit like oranges and strawberries.  Wait till you hear their cute chirping noises! You won’t be able to resist bringing them home with you.


Twilight’s owner made the tough decision to bring her to the PA-SPCA. We assured her we would find Twilight an amazing new family through the Piazza Pet Program.  Twilight has these huge, green and yellow eyes that one could get lost in.  They truly stand out against her black fur.  Her friendly disposition and lovable personality will win you over immediately.  The two-year-old Twilight is looking forward to your visit.



Argos is the cutest black and white Chihuahua and the Piazza Pet of the Week.  At only one years old, he is a curious little guy. He wants to go on walks and then cuddle the day away.  Argos will be a great pet for anyone so don’t wait to visit him at the Philadelphia SPCA. 


Have you ever seen big puppy dog eyes as sweet as these?  Sherman is a unique combination of Beagle and Pit Bull.  He is affectionate and may even try to cuddle up on your lap.  He will make a great addition to any home as he seems to get along with children and other animals.   Sherman is waiting for you to visit him at the Philadelphia SPCA. 

This week’s Piazza Pet will be sure to melt you heart. Heidi is a sweet and affectionate 5-year-old Pitbull Terrier mix. As volunteer favorite of the PA- SPCA, they will be sad to see her go but an adult only home is best thing for her. If you already have a dog, Heidi will welcome a new friend. Find out for yourself why Heidi is a favorite at SPCA. Meet her today!

Check out this Piazza Pet of the Week, Benji!

He is a loveable Chihuahua Pomeranian mix with a cute little wiggle that you need to see for yourself. He is waiting for his second chance at the PA-SPCA in Philadelphia. Visit this little eight year old guy today.

Piazza Pet of The Week: Adoption Update

All of the cats and dogs below have found new homes due to the Piazza Pet of the Week Program. 
We congratulate the pets and their new owners and wish them the best in their new lives together.
Cloud - Piazza Pet - 2.6.13.jpg
Monopoly - Piazza Pet of the Week Cat.
Trudy - Piazza Pet of the Week
Philly - Piazza Pet of the Week
Jelly Bean
Bo - Piazza Pet of the Week